Over the years Wilny has spoken to thousands of people about personal growth, self-development and professional success. He has provided clear and practical training to a variety of professionals who are presently excelling in what they do.

Wilny shares practical techniques so that each individual can reach their personal best. Wilny empowers each participant so they take responsibility for their lives and their careers. Employers love the results they get after their employees attend one of Wilny’s workshops. The improvements in the employees’ performances are immediately noticeable. The attitudes in the workplace improve immediately fostering an atmosphere of positive camaraderie.

Wilny has conducted topical workshops that have lasted anywhere from 1 – 5 days. The majority of these workshops are very pragmatic in dealing with bottom line concepts that work. Early on the process the participants are intellectually, emotionally and experimentally engaged at a level that leaves no room for boredom. Laughter is very common and the level of volitional engagement is very high. By the time the seminar is completed each participant has a blueprint for the next step to professional and self-mastery. Wilny is firm believer in limitless possibilities and his style of teaching fosters an environment tha t encourages the practical application of that concept. In all of Wilny’s seminars you learn there are no limitations to what you can accomplish. Only those you impose on yourself.

Wilny Audain – A Quantum Leap Experience.

  • Effective Leadership in the 21st Century
  • From Competence to Confidence: The Art of being Unstoppable
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence in the Contemporary Workplace
  • Managing diversity in a world that is no longer round but flat
  • Change- Obstacle or Opportunity
  • How To Handle Difficult People
  • Managing Generational Differences
  • Seven Secrets of Team Building

“Your week-long training changed my life in so many ways. Thanks!” -Merle Whale, Mbizo, Johannesburg, South Africa

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