Wilny’s presentations are for people and companies who are looking for ways to do things differently. Innovative ideas will be shared that will impact the way people interact with each other as they attempt to meet the daily challenges of the workplace environment. The goal of each speaking engagement is to affect change and improve human performance.

Unlocking The Human Potential
Speaking and training more than 100 times a year, Wilny Audain is a master communicator who provides simple yet pragmatic answers to the most common human relations issues. A believer that any willing human can achieve greatness, Wilny plants seeds whose effects are long lasting. Wilny has proven his capacity to do that at seminars, conferences, keynote addresses, dinners and events for companies like the Federal Reserve Bank, Georgia Power & Light, Lilly USA, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Mbizo, South Africa.

Specially Tailored Presentations
With many years of experience in meeting the needs of the marketplace, Wilny will tailor each training based on the need of the client taking into consideration the many nuances that affect a workplace environment. As a pragmatic trainer, Wilny combines theory and practice in a manner that flows logically and experientially. Each training program is thus tailored to the personality of the organization.

Wilny Audain has received rave reviews at his keynote presentations. He has done that by presenting 21st century strategies that listeners can put to practice immediately. Wilny makes sure that each participant walks away with new ideas that will guarantee continued innovations and successes both on a personal and professional level.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Human Behavior in the Workplace
  • Effective ways to deal with difficult employees and difficult situations
  • Leadership – How to go from vision to victory from mission to mastery
  • Emotional Intelligence – Brand new tools to quantum leap your team
  • Mastering communication – Keeping it clear from the CEO to the front line
  • Change Management – Change is coming. How to implement it
  • CEO Training – Becoming an expert at workplace personalities
  • Employee motivation – How to get the best out of your employees

The training was dynamic, relevant and interesting – Jason Frei, Executive Officer, United States Marine Corps

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