Dream 5

I have a friend who has an interesting way of answering the question, how are you? He usually answers: “Living the dream!” At first I didn’t give much thought to his answer, however his answer has become more meaningful to me as time has gone by. When someone asks me how I am doing, I have an automatic response that requires no thought. Whether I’m fine or not becomes irrelevant because I’m programmed to say that I am.

So, how are You? Are you living your dream? If you’re not living the dream, what are you living? One of the very basic choices we have to make in life is how we live. I find it interesting that most people care more about where they live as opposed to how they live. We often live the way we answer the question, how are you? What does it take then to live the dream?

As we’ve already established, you must have a dream to begin with. Second, you must live as if you’re accomplishing your dream by creating mental pictures of that dream. The third element I want to introduce here is creating a physical environment that dictates how you live your dream.

When you look around your house, your office; when you look at the space where you spend most of your waking hours, what does it say about you? This is not a rhetorical question. Neither is it a question that requires automation. This question demands thought, an answer and an action plan.

If your environment is messy it says something about how you’re living. If it’s super clean like a museum, it says something else about how you’re living. Your living environment is a direct reflection of your inner world and at times your inner self. Are you happy with what you see? If you are, what’s next? If you’re not, what is one thing you can do to slightly change how you live?

Living your dream may mean that your environment is too busy and needs simplification. Living your dream may also mean that you need to add a thing or two to enhance the dream. So far I’ve been talking about your physical environment. How about your emotional environment?

Wherever you are right now is exactly where you’ve chosen to be. How ever you live right now is exactly how you’ve chosen to live. If you’re not living your dream, start changing your environment one step a time. I have a suggestion, how about drawing your dream on a piece of paper (it doesn’t have to be a Rembrandt) and placing it in a place that you’ll see every day. By doing just that, you’ll have subtly changed how you live. It’s that pebble that will begin the ripples that will change your response to; how are YOU?

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