It has recently occurred to me that not everyone has dreams. Perhaps I should clarify what dreams I am talking about. There are nocturnal dreams and there are life dreams. I’ve encountered people who have neither. I for one dream every night and I do have some life dreams.

One of my life dreams is to be a published author. For many years I wrote a weekly inspirational tidbit that most of you received and it went all over the world. Then I stopped. Few years ago, I wrote a book on father-son relationships based on my life. One chapter short of the end, I stopped. Many of you have asked me why on both counts. I’ve been asking myself why too.

My dream of being a published author sneaked up on me when someone who read one of my former weekly tidbits recommended me to a magazine and for two years I had a regular column, until the magazine changed directions. I think that’s when I totally stopped writing; again. Why so many pit stops on the road toward my dream?

I have a friend on Facebook that I met many years ago while giving a keynote to a large professional conference. I shared my dreams with that audience and for all these years that person has asked me about the progression of my book. Yet, I’ve had no honest answer.

I was visiting with a friend of mine the other day in another state. She’d also heard about my dream so many years ago and she challenged my long dream hiatus. She was rather direct and pushy with me and I was cornered into promising her that I would start writing again. I missed two of the deadlines that I set with her and for myself.
What are your dreams and what are you doing about them? What’s a big dream you’ve been avoiding or running away from? Are you like me? Do you hit and miss and come up with every type of excuses for you not to accomplish your heart’s deepest desires? What’s your excuse? I have finally accepted that I don’t have a real good one. I’ve often said that it was writer’s block, but that excuse has gotten really old and I’m tired of hearing it myself.

Last Friday, I scheduled myself to write today. This morning I kept that appointment. In other words I just finally decided to do something. Just one step. I sat in front of my computer and started writing my weekly tidbit again and it feels so good. I’m pulling up my old manuscript and starting the last chapter on my book.

To all of you who have questioned me, encouraged me and chastised me; I thank you. Over the next weeks and months we’re going to talk about what holds us back and what pushes us forward. We are going to explore our dreams and see where they may lead us. Are you willing to dream with me?

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