Dreams 3

Dreams 3

Every once in a while I go through bouts of insomnia that are very annoying. Imagine being awake at three o’clock in the morning and not being able to fall asleep again. The clock slows down as the seconds, minutes of the early morning crawl by. At times I keep my eyes closed in an attempt to ‘will’ myself back to sleep. At times I just get up and read. No matter what I do, sleep won’t return. I’m going through such a period right now and it’s frustrating. I can’t wait for the season to pass.

In my waking hours this morning, I was thinking that I didn’t have a lot of time to dream last night with just three hours of sleep. Most likely, my lack of sleep will catch up with me some time today and I’ll probably feel like a human slug dragging myself through the day.

Since I’ve been writing about dreams for the past few weeks, I was wondering how emotional insomnia affects the dreams that matter. The ones that we have when we’re physically awake yet emotionally asleep. When I began this series a few weeks ago I told you about my dream of finally editing and publishing the book I wrote about fifteen years ago. That’s a big dream for me. That book is on some thumb drive that I cannot find and it’s been very frustrating looking for it through so many databases.

This crazy search prompted me to ask myself this morning why is it that I sometimes stop dreaming and planning my future even when I am fully awake. That seems to be a human problem. So many of us are stuck doing the same thing every day while our dreams are stored somewhere in one of the thumb drives of our sleepy brain. What will it take for us to find those dreams and bring them into fruition?

One of the lessons I’ve learned since I started writing this weekly tidbit again is that no matter what happens I cannot give up, I have to be relentless. I have to take small steps toward reaching my dream. I can’t allow illness, or my traveling schedule to stop me. You notice that I haven’t written for two weeks because of these two factors; no more!
Every time I feel like falling asleep on my dream I need to find a way to wake myself up by doing something, anything actually; no matter how little it might be, as long as it will take me even an inch closer to the fulfillment of my dream. I am learning that reaching our dream goals in life is not always about the big things we do. It’s often about consistency. It’s about doing something whether we ‘feel’ like it or not. So in the midst of my cyclical insomnia, I am still writing, I’m still aiming for my dream and I’m going to find that manuscript. Our dreams can drive us if we get the emotional rest we need, wake up refreshed and take one step forward.

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