Dreams 2

Dreams 2

My own writing haunted me this week. I was in shock that I actually started writing again. I couldn’t get away from the idea that I’d forsaken my dream for such a long time. I kept wondering and asking myself, what kept me stuck for so long?. I kept remembering how guilt took so much emotional real estate that whole time. I kept thinking about the many ideas that came and went and the many people that could’ve been touched or helped. I couldn’t shut down my cerebral over drive.

Then something happened that slowed down my thinking and ushered in a new reality for me. I received a very encouraging text from a good friend that lifted my spirits when they were really low. The compliment was unrelated to anything that had to do with writing. That’s when I remembered that I have more than one gift and I have more than one dream. I could easily continue to beat up myself for my lackluster attitude toward my gift and dream of writing. I could continue to beat up myself for not doing this one thing I feel ‘called’ to do. I am a teacher and I am a writer, I love both. If I neglect one, does that mean, I am a total failure?

Not really. I’ve decided to convince myself that gifts and talents at times come in clusters. Conversely dreams come in clusters too. The challenge is to package life in such a way that I use all my main gifts to live my dreams daily. That’s a tall order for many.

Most of us live in the future. We are typically looking around the corner to see what’s next. Our expectations are driven by what’s coming and at times we neglect the now. One of the lessons I learned from the text I received this week was that I’m daily living part of my dream and I need to learn to enjoy it.

There’s nothing wrong with looking at the future and planning it. We’ve already established that dreaming is a good thing. Yet, living the dream in the moment can be such a powerful springboard towards the dreams of the future.
As a student of human behavior, I’ve observed that the happiest people are those who are living their dreams and are emotionally present while they are doing it. We often talk about the ‘good ole days,’ forgetting that at some time in the future, this moment will be a ‘good ole day.’

I want to invite you right now to stop and enjoy this ‘good ole day.’ Slow down your mind, close your eyes for a moment and live the dream of this moment. Look at your life and notice the things that you enjoy doing, the people that you enjoy knowing, the experiences you enjoy having and live the dream in this moment. As you go throughout your week, your month; do that more often. Don’t just wait for your dreams to come true. Live the dream now.

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