How then will you live?

My favorite philosopher Francis Schaeffer pushed the argument that humans would not have done well with an impersonal god. He suggested that the life, death and resurrection of Jesus-Christ met the human need for a personal-infinite God.

This is a season when the Christian world celebrates the greatest sacrifice of all times. Easter celebrates the solemnity of death followed by the celebration of a miraculous life. This is not just a philosophical construct. A man of average height for his day, Jesus would have been around five feet two inches tall with bronzed Mediterranean skin and short hair.

He didn’t have an address to speak of and his ministry was financially supported mostly by women. He was looked on as a revolutionary. His followers saw him as their hope against the brutal Romans. The religious leaders saw him as a thorn in their side. The Romans saw him as just another itinerant preaching Jew. The spirit world was divided on their views of him. The realm of the evil one was afraid. The other realm of purity was expectant and guardedly protective.

On this tiny dark planet in a far-flung galaxy, the forces of good and evil raged a fierce battle as the inhabitants of the universe sat on the edge of their seats. As if watching the greatest tennis match of all times their sites went back and forth between the visible world of a tiny enclave in Palestine and scenes from the spirit world that will be revealed to us when we cross into eternity.

The stakes were very high. God’s authority and fairness were in question. On that Friday, as Jesus went through inhumane torture and a horrible death; the forces of darkness had a party, while the forces of heaven gasped and held their breath. When the tally was examined, when the votes were taken; God’s party won by a landslide and the party of the evil ones turned even darker and angrier.

So here we are two thousand or so year later facing a personal-infinite God. We are faced with the question of how to live having been romanced by this personal-infinite God. What do you do in the face of such love that transcends anything human, anything visible, anything tangible?

As a first step, I suggest you bow and worship him.

You must worship Christ as Lord of your life. 1 Peter 3:15

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