One of the questions I get asked a lot is, ‘what am I supposed to do with my life?’ This question is asked by all kinds of people at different stages of life. We were all created with a need to be relevant and to do what we were created to be. We are driven by this need as long as we breathe.

Your life is not an accident. The way you look is not happenstance. Your swagger is not something that just happened. Everything that you are is by design. Yet to understand this design and packaged giftedness, you have to look at things from the perspective of your creator.

You live in a world that’s totally out of control, where greed and power are in charge. Yet, there is this perfect being called God who loves you beyond anything you can imagine. However, he’s limited by your will and the environment that controls it. Just remember for a moment that God lives outside of time and can see your birth and your death at the same time. So He knows exactly what role you need to play in this world to make it a better place while experiencing true happiness.

Yet, as humans we are constantly fighting our giftedness for what seems to be a better deal. Quite often our best perception is only a mirage. However, your giftedness is real; the person you were created to be is real. The deep yearnings of your inner being are real. A world waiting for your giftedness to explode is real. The search for true happiness that you’re on is real. I submit that the answer is to function within your giftedness.
The first step is to find out what it is you are gifted to be. I’m convinced that most people know what that is. Deep inside, you know what you love to do. Sometimes you just need a little prodding, a little help at seeing the obvious and embracing your reality.
Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself to begin this journey of discovery. What do I enjoy doing? If I had all the money in the world and did not have to work, what would I do with my time? By the way, it’s been proven that no matter how rich you are, you have an inner need to contribute. What would you contribute to?

In your private times of introspection, where do you find your comfort zone? What thoughts do you cuddle with in your sweet spot? Answering these questions are the first steps in placing yourself in the arena of your giftedness. Your ultimate happiness and sense of satisfaction is found in doing what you were born to be.

What would you say or do if I were to tell you that there’s someone out there waiting for you to launch into your giftedness to get the courage to launch theirs?

Those who are wise will find a time and a way to do what is right. Eccl 8:5

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