The Call


I’ve been struggling lately with this issue of ‘the call.’ I’m functioning from the premise that each of us has many gifts. Yet there are two or three things that we do very well and our call is centered within those two or three things.

I don’t know exactly who coined the term “called” within the context of what we do best in life. One thing I’m certain of from sheer observation is every human has a call, something they are born to do. I have two things I do quite well and I actually enjoy doing. One of them is public speaking and the other one is writing.

For many years I wrote a weekly tidbit and just about a year ago I started to falter and then I stopped writing all together. Over the years many have benefited from these weekly tidbits. During this last year many have told me in person, by phone and by email that they have missed my writing. Yet I seemed to hit a brick wall and even though I wanted to start writing again, I just couldn’t. During that time, I battled with the guilt of not using my talent. I struggled with the burden of not answering my call. I’ve often wished I didn’t have it since I wasn’t using it.

I have so many unanswered questions as to why many people die without allowing the world to benefit from their calling. But I’m determined not to be one of those people. As I struggle back into this regular weekly writing, I’ve invited God’s sweet spirit to guide me through this process and give me the weekly lessons he wants me to share with you.

I’m learning as a middle aged man that having gifts and accepting ‘the call’ does not get easier with age. My guess is it’s not easy at any age. As I struggle with and out of my gifted slump, I invite you to look at yourself. Is there something that you were born to do that you are not doing? Is there a calling you’ve been fighting?

Beyond what you do and who you are everyday, is there something else deep inside of you that is yearning to come out? Is there another you that the world needs to see and experience?
I accept the fact that I am a communicator. I am a writer. I was called to write. I need to write. What are you? What is it you need to do that you are not doing?

Let’s explore our inner world over the next few weeks and join me on this journey of getting out of our own way and allowing God’s giftedness to shine through us.

For God’s gifts and his call can never be withdrawn. Rom 11:29

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