The word trust conjures different thoughts in the mind of different people.  For some people trusting can be a real chore. For others trust comes naturally. So what is trust?

The dictionary describes trust as a “firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing.” The very definition of trust has some problematic words in it, such as reliance and integrity.  Trusting is really about pulling off all your masks, or at least most of them and appearing real to someone else.  You get to show all the warts of your character that no one is supposed to see.  Trusting means exposing yourself to possible criticisms and negative inputs.  Trusting leaves you unprotected and vulnerable.  Trusting means investing your deepest fears in someone else and hoping they won’t use it to scare you away later.  Trusting is letting go of who you think you are and allowing another being to see what they want to see.  Trusting is giving away your power to control what another person sees.

Trusting is releasing your sense of pride and perhaps low self-esteem into the hands of another person who may be no better than you are.  Trusting is allowing your emotions to step aside so you can see yourself a little more clearly through someone else’s eyes.  Trusting is hard.  Trusting is not for the faint of heart.  Trusting is being authentic to the point of possible self destruction.  Trusting is letting go of the safety net of self pride and allowing another person to catch you.  Trusting is an attempt at being stronger than you think you are so you can manage your weakness better.  Trusting is faith in action while you are trembling with insecurities.  Trusting is hard yet it is one of the most important pillars in living an authentic lifestyle.

When you reach that level of trusting, only then can you be really open enough to connect with those who are traveling the same path you are.  Trusting has a language that you cannot learn until you take that leap.  Trusting has a way of connecting you to another person at a level that is beyond what could be verbalized or explained.  Trusting is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself while offering it to someone else.  It has the potential of bringing you a lot of pain, yet can bring you a level of intimacy that you never imagined.

Trusting can be instant, yet most of the time it’s a painstaking process.  It’s an edifice that is built with the deep buried treasures of your soul.  It is a wave that inundates like a tsunami and when it recedes, leaves behind a place of confidence where you can find repose in time of need. Trusting can be as fragile as the shell of an egg, yet once boiled under the test of time can solidify the inner yoke of the soul.

So how do you trust?  That’s for next week.  In the mean time, allow yourself to make a mental list of those you trust or ask yourself, do you really trust anyone?  If not, why not?  Trusting is the bridge that connects your intellect with other realities forming a beautiful bouquet of truth that goes beyond who you think you are.  Trusting is a rare nugget of gold that you must find. It will bring you emotional riches and freedom of spirit.  It will release you from the burden of self-sufficiency and launch you into an authentic self you will really like.

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