What would your life be like if you started a revolution in 2012?  I’m not talking about taking over another country, more like taking direct control over your life and totally changing the way you operate it.  When I consulted the dictionary for a good definition of the word revolution, I found many and here’s the one I liked the most:’ “a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something: a change of paradigm.”

What if you were to make a concerted effort to radically change the way you view yourself?  What if you were to totally limit and eliminate most of your negative beliefs and replace them with unlimited possibilities?  You’d have to really stretch and reach for things that have so far seemed impossible to you.  It would mean taking control over everything you can and squeeze every positive juice of energy you can get from them.

You would of course have to begin with something that is not too difficult, something you can actually handle if you put some mental grease to your emotional elbows.  Are you willing to push like a pregnant woman in pain knowing what’s coming will bring great joy?  Life is always pregnant and to get what you want out of it you have to push, this is how you create a revolution.

In this crazy world, you either push or you are pushed.  I’m not talking about the brutal approach to pushing.  I’m talking about the one person you can really push, yourself.  There are always visible and invisible forces pushing you around.  If you live in denial you can’t see them.  However they are there and they are insidious.  It is not productive to spend your time pushing back thus wasting a lot of energy.

A revolution begins when you take the initiative and push yourself hard.  I’m talking about an inner revolution that has been part of every person who’s lived an authentic life.  What’s the first hill that you must conquer?  Is it a habit you’ve been internally struggling with?  Is it a friendship you need to make or one you finally need to let go?  Is it a person or a thing that needs to stop controlling you?

Revolution means big action, revolution has to do with mind over matter.  Revolution is hard and not for wimps.  Revolution is thrilling yet painful. Revolution is living life in color and then learning to paint your own colors.  Revolution is what you are equipped for, but most people die without even thinking about it.  I believe your time has come for a revolution.  Business as usual will not cut it anymore; mediocrity is for the other person not for you.

Come on, let’s start a revolution!

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