The longer I live the more I realize that life is a very difficult proposition.  No one has it easy.  Everyone has a burden or two and some days those burdens are heavier than other days.  At times we feel like we’re being crushed with no relief in sight.  That’s when we need resilience.

The dictionary describes resilience as the “ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.”  Just the definition alone gives the message that we must have resilience to live.  Most sentient beings are aware that we will not make it out of this experience called life, alive.  The day we are born, we begin to die.  No one knows when their time will come.  We can use all this morbid reality to challenge life with our resilience.

Last week we explored the idea of living with intensity.  Interestingly enough the higher your level of intensity, potentially harder the crashes when they come.  You must cultivate resilience in order to have a softer landing that will also help you bounce back.  You cannot live a life of intensity if you don’t cultivate resilience.  You are not being real to the challenges of living on terra firma if you don’t accept the reality that you need both intensity and resilience to live effectively.

Whether you live with these two or not you’re still going to have misfortune and change.  The onus is on you to decide that since life is going to be hard any way, you might as well give it a good run so when you are gone you leave a legacy of resilience.  This powerful tool is like a pebble that’s jettisoned on the face of a placid lake.  Its ripples affect the present, the future and beyond your active life.  Resilience leaves memory and engenders resilience from those who are exposed to it.  The more resilient you are in the present, the higher you raise your level of normal functioning in the future.  Resilience is the situational trampoline that you get to create to propel yourself into a more colorful future.

Resilience is a process, so be patient. There are times when your bounce back will be slow and low.  Yet you don’t give up.  You keep on jumping on that trampoline.  Don’t compare yourself with the other jumpers, just do your own work and be consistent at it.

Resilience being a dynamic process will take you through many types of emotions.  Yet you cannot allow your feelings to direct your trajectory.  Your constant is the fact that what goes down must come up soon or later.  Keep your eyes on later in the midst of your resilience.

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