I come from an intense family.  My father was intense.  My siblings are intense.  And I can be intense at times. So what does that mean?  From what I’ve observed, intensity has to do with one’s level of passion in living, speaking and acting.

I come from a loud family and part of our intensity shows up when we speak and express ourselves vehemently with explosive attention-grabbing statements.  Things are not just good, they are great! We exaggerate everything and do it with gusto and energy.  That’s intensity.

Interestingly enough, the fact that we talk like that does not mean we all live like that.  Intensity can show up in many ways, I want to reflect a little on the life that is intentional and lived with intensity.

Most people are creatures of habit.  The life you have today is not different from the one you’ve had for years.  You know and love the familiar.  You are comfortable in your little box and you don’t like it when others try to pull you out of it.  You sleep in the same spot, you eat the same foods, you are attracted to the same type of people and you wonder why you are at times lonely and bored with life.  I think your life could use a little intensity.

I’m not talking about the intensity that renders others around you nervous and on edge.  I’m referring to the type of intensity that brings intentionality with it.  The arena of intensity that keeps you focused on what is working while exploring new vistas. The volley of intensity that swings you from one side of your intellectual spectrum to the other.  The sway of intensity that overwhelms your mental visual cortex.

I’m encouraging you to step out of your everyday box and explore other boxes and areas around them.  I invite you to intentionally do something different that will not harm you or someone else but that brings you close to the edge of life’s seat.  I challenge you to push your imaginational capacity to a surging level that engenders new vistas of exploration and transformation.

You were not created to be normal and to dabble in the absurd world of boredom.  Your wingspan is too wide for your low level of flight.  The eagles are waiting for you in the stratosphere while you are skimming the dirt with turkeys.  Come over to the intense side and do something that’s beyond you.  What is one thing you’ve wanted to do that you are afraid of?  Feel the fear and do it anyway.  A little intensity can bring you a new boost and you will amaze yourself at what you can do.  Live with intensity!

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