Your Story

Your Story

The hardest part of living consciously is really knowing who you are. I mean really facing who you are. So many people prefer to be a figment of their own imagination since their imagination is more attractive and active than their reality. Someone once told me that reality is over rated. Is it really? I would counter that reality is the harsh truth that most of us have a hard time facing and rating. It’s all part of our story.

If you had to tell someone your real story, what would you say? What are the parts of your story you’d leave out and why? We each have a story and most of us have our stories wrapped with lots of fears. Life is often filled with intrigue and unexpected twists and turns that take fast corners with leaky breaks. Yet, part of our emotional survival has to do with the momentum and balance we learn to have. That’s our story.

Each individual story will have an impact on people who have better and worse lives than ourselves. Each story is part of a living symmetry that energizes the world we live in. Our families, friends, acquaintances are all influenced and affected by our stories. There is an invisible link that threads everywhere we go and every encounter we have. We leave a trail where we’ve been with the words we’ve left behind, the lasting impressions we imprint on minds. Our highway of bread combs will lead followers to where we’ve been and will see what we’ve left behind.

It’s all about the story that we create daily by who we are and what we say. Those who know us longer can probably tell our stories better than we are willing to tell them ourselves. People are always looking, observing, judging, and concluding, most of the time in silence, in the shadows of anonymity and at times in the bright lights of their powerful presence. Yes, our stories are being told whether we are conscious of it or not. Happy or sad; elated or depressed our story goes on, we are setting up the stage, turning on the lights and we are acting, yes we are telling our story.

So what’s your story? If you don’t like it, what are you willing to do to change the scenery? Interesting to note that some of the best stories that have been left behind are those who were mostly made in the shadows of pain and suffering. What does that say about humanity? As we explore this further next week, it is good remember for now that even though God can transcend time and space, we can’t. God can see all stories; beginning, middle and end all at the same time. We’ve been fortunate enough to be only in the present, the now.

Right now do something different about your story. Right now, have a powerful positive thought even for a moment. Right now, have a hope you didn’t think you could have. Yes, just for the heck of it, hope it anyway.

Like a pebble tossed and skipping over a placid lake watch the undulation of the waves…you just began a new story.

Everyone will share the story of your wonderful goodness; they will sing with joy about your righteousness. Ps 145:7


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