Your Story-2

Your Story 2

I’m on my second week in Europe and I have two more to go. As I travel from one country to another and from city to city I see and meet people with a variety of stories. Yet if I were to sit down with each and ask them to tell me more, I’d probably discover that their stories are not that different from what you might have experienced in your life.

The dilemma in conscious living is to accept the idea that you are unique and special without forgetting that human experiences have a lot of similarities. If we learn from each other’s stories we can grow and at times not repeat the same mistakes.

So how do you change the scenes in your story if you don’t like them? One thing that immediately comes to mind is the world you’ve chosen to live in. You have your connections and your habits and your way of being. Like the rest of humanity, you’re a creature of habit that sleeps on the same side of the bed every night, who takes the same way to work every day, who eats the same type of food most of the time. If you were to change just one of these things or any other habit, you would change the scenery and your story. This may sound simplistic, but it works. Most changes in life do not take great tasks; just doing one little thing differently will start a ripple effect toward a different story.

Of course you can get really serious about changing the scenery by changing the way you think about some things. Most behaviors begin with a thought followed by a feeling that ends up in a specific behavior that can become a habit and then a story. Changing one thought can change your story. If you don’t like where your life is heading, what is one thought you can change that will affect the way you live?

Few years ago I changed the thought of vacationing like an American, which is typically one week or at most two weeks a year and typically in my home town or nearby. Most Americans have never left their country and only speak one language. So I vacation three to five weeks a year just like the Europeans. I’m not richer or poorer than most, I just save my money toward that purpose and with that I’ve changed my story.

In two years, God willing, I’ll be writing these tidbits while spending four weeks visiting the countries of the Indian Ocean. I’ll start saving for that as soon as I get home from this trip. Two years and a month after today, my story will again be different. In between I’ll be doing a variety of things that will continue to change my story. I’ll go scuba diving, read a lot of different books, dump some friends, keep most old ones and make some new ones, try different types of foods and drink more water, lose ten pounds and take up strength training etc, etc….You get the picture!

What about you? What are you planning to do to change your story’s direction and live consciously? It’s really not expensive or hard. You just have to think differently and do it.

O Lord, listen to my cry; give me the discerning mind you promised.
Ps 119:169


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