I’m hoping at one time in your life someone told you that you were special and you believed it. For one thing, there’s no one else like you in the whole universe. That in itself is mind boggling. I’ve travelled enough to know that there’s a least one other person on this planet who looks almost exactly like you and I’m not talking about your biological twin. Yet, that person is nothing like you on the inside.

Because of biological, sociological, psychological, religious and a plethora of factors; you are unique. Yet all that uniqueness really means nothing if you don’t accept it. Psychologists talk about children having ‘magical thinking’ because to them the word ‘impossible’ does not exist. From a certain perspective, everyone needs a bit of magical thinking. As humans we spend way too much time at the other extreme.

Accepting who you are on your worst and best days is in part the first step in having a healthy view of yourself. You will notice for the most part that you are a creature of habit. Yes, most of the time; you have the same thought patterns, you eat the same type of food, you like and dislike the same type of people, your life follows a certain predictable path that seems to lead you to predictable places.

Since you cannot escape yourself no matter how far you try to run, you really only have one choice. Face yourself and decide whether your life is working for you or not. If it is not working you can continue to pretend or you can take one baby step toward doing things differently. Drastic decisions are not always wise, really they usually are not. To live authentically, you must have a life strategy that begins with YOU.

Since you are an adult, no one is really responsible for you except you. No more blaming, no more finger pointing. It’s all you about you. The past is gone, yes, it had its effects, but it’s gone. Now, it’s just you. So today, right now; what is the one thing that you must change in you? Just one thing. Make it small, make sure it’s manageable. Don’t underestimate the power of small or the power of now. I’m not asking you to leave God out of the picture, but I don’t want you to use him as an escape either. You have a brain that he gave you, use it.

Being the only you in the universe comes with some responsibilities. The first one is to accept you for who you are right now with all your talents and foibles. Then there’s your next authentic step. You are not reading this message by chance. It’s time and you know what this is about. God will direct you if you want him to, but he won’t do it for you. One baby step; what is it?

So I run with purpose in every step. 1 Cor 9:26


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