The way you treat others has a lot to do with the way you treat yourself. Most people have a need to be liked and a lot of them spend some of their time trying to read what others expect from them before starting to manufacture it. Because of that so many of us live by default. Consequently, too many of us see other people when we look into life’s mirror.

Others are often finicky like cats and they don’t really know what they want most of the time. So you can then see how vicious the cycle becomes. Stretching my analogy a little further, we can also see that we are each someone else’s others. So how do we live an authentic lifestyle that is filled with what we really want without being selfish?

The first thing you need to realize is every one you know and everyone you meet is struggling with something. It doesn’t matter how great a personality they have. It doesn’t matter how attractive or unattractive they are. It doesn’t matter how rich or poor they are. Others have their thing too. This is why it is never wise to model others exactly or compare yourself with them. Others can be as messed up as you feel and you can be as successful as others.

The secret is to know what your passion in life is. If you work your passion you won’t need to imitate others because you will be the original you were intended to be. One thing most people don’t realize about the genius called Steve Jobs who just passed away is that he was a hard task master. He was a control freak who knew what he wanted and had to have things his way. Some would argue that’s typically what happens with genius types. Others would say, look at how he changed the world and he did. I would say, he was Steve Jobs and he lived his passion his way and he did change the world.

However you and I don’t have to be a Steve Jobs to be successful, all you have to be is yourself because in your passion resides your genius. Please don’t confuse passion or genius with fame. All geniuses are not rich. Everyone is born with a passion that has genius potential but not everyone can be rich and famous.

One the biggest discoveries you will ever make in your life is your passion. One of the grandest decisions you will ever make is to follow that passion. It’s never too late and never too early. Your genius lies in being who you were meant to be not what others say you should be.

Yes, we need others for support, for friendship, for love and for other things, but not to be us. You are unique. You are a genius in your own right. Find your passion, live your passion and allow others to see who you were really meant to be, I dare you.

Whatever you do, do well. For when you go to the grave, there will be no work or planning or knowledge or wisdom. Eccl 9:10

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