I had a great connection this last week. As I was writing last week’s tidbit I was getting ready to give a keynote address to an organization in South Carolina that handles hospital volunteers. As I stood there speaking with hundreds of eyes in my direction, it occurred to me that they were really connecting with what I was saying. For a split second I got a little nervous and totally overwhelmed by the power of the spoken word.

After my presentation, I received a standing ovation and those always embarrass me for some reason. As I walked away with many congratulatory words in my ears, it occurred to me that often we don’t need a lot of time to connect with someone who is saying the things we want to hear. So do we also connect with those who are saying the things we need to hear and yet don’t want to hear? That’s where this whole idea of connecting can get really complicated.

Connecting is not always done at a conscious level. Those who’ve fallen in love at first sight can relate to this. You can see someone across a room for the first time and make a connection without exchanging words. It’s also true that you may have had many conversations with an individual and never really connected with them.

At times connecting is a decision, often it can be instinctual. Connections that happen at a soul level are often bigger than what you can see and even understand. However for that type of connection to happen you must be sensitive to your environment and the people around you. I find it so much fun to watch people and attempt to guess or even read what’s going through their mind. We all have the capacity to be that aware. When we access that level of awareness, we make connections we would not make otherwise.

There’s always someone around you needing a smile. There is always someone needing a tender look. Those are not deep connections, but they sure are needed. So this coming week go on the adventure of being more aware of your environment and try to guess what people are thinking and even what they are feeling. Follow your heart and smile to more people more often. Give an extra tender look to a child. Connect with someone just for the sake of connecting. You’d be surprised to know how much of a soul healer you are becoming.


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