I didn’t write for two weeks because I was overwhelmed with my assignment in Romania.  It went very well but took a lot of time and energy. Now I am back from my European escapade and my mind’s main frame is loaded with exciting new pictures. 

I’m naturally a curious person; I love people and I love to travel. I have friends on six of the seven continents. I’ve had a variety of exceptional experiences most people find interesting to say the least.

Yet one of the toughest questions I’ve had to face when attempting to live consciously is the role wisdom play in my (work in progress) authenticity.  Since I’ve made a lot of dumb mistakes in life, does that make me less authentic or does that mean I have no wisdom?

Most people think they are wise, yet their actions at times betray their limited definition of wisdom. I checked a variety of dictionaries for a definition of wisdom.  Most of those definitions were ambiguous and I didn’t like them.  The bottom line is wisdom even at its etymological state is still illusive.

Yet there is an innate knowing when we meet a wise person.  A wise person seems to know what to say at the right time, what to do when things get difficult and how to act in the presence of intensity.  Wisdom seems to be more of a teacher than a student.  It transcends knowledge and academic degrees; it occupies the sphere of the least equally to that of the greatest.

Wisdom and time seem to have an agreement when it comes to its growth in our authentic selves. Wisdom looks back cringing and smiling, it looks forward in wonder and expectation.  Wisdom chases us down even when we run away from the capacity to recognize it. 

Living consciously demands some type of encounter with wisdom.  I used to believe in the old adage that age brings wisdom.  I have now lived long enough to know better.  Wisdom is acquired when there is willingness and positive curiosity.  Wisdom is garnered through the school of genuine regret and the mastery we get from the pain of experience.  Wisdom is not easy or cheap, yet it can be earned on the path to conscious living.

Many years ago I had the privilege of meeting a man who was well known for his wisdom and I took the opportunity to ask for his definition of wisdom.  I have since adopted his definition and I’m learning to apply it as much as I can.  He said wisdom is the art of talking less and listening more.  Since most of my living is earned by talking that became a problem.  Yet as I apply it in my personal relationships I’m being schooled and loaded with beautiful silent pictures and words that are building my castle of wisdom.

How much of a listener are you?  How wise are you becoming?

True wisdom is not a simple matter. Listen! Job 11:6

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