This is one of my favorite words. You probably have your own definition of serenity. I’ll tell you what mine is. When I think of serenity I think of sitting by a lake in the middle of nowhere, at dusk. In the distance the ball of fire we call sun is gently caressing the horizon with an explosion of beauty. Nature is still, as if in reverence to the departing sun. The temperature is perfect and my mind is clear. As I look at where the placid lake kisses the horizon, I can almost see forever. Streams of multicolored rays from the sun caress the lake’s face as it blushes in the presence of such unbridled attention. In the distance a lonely bird glides over the water inspecting its mesmerizing stillness. Nature is at peace and invites my mind to do the same. To me that’s serenity.

You and I live in a world filled with stress. Each one of us has our own way of coping with it. At times our coping skills are helpful, at other times they can be damaging. Inner peace and serenity is one of the best tools against stress.

Most of us think that we have to go away to some distant island to experience such peace. Yet we forget how powerful our mind is and how easy it can be to close our eyes and create such a place. Most of us are rushed and stressed and can’t seem to find the time to encounter just one moment of serenity. I invite you to slow down this week and explore avenues of your mind that you haven’t accessed for a while and take time to be serene.

As I get older, I’m finally accepting the fact that most of the things I valued and thought were important in my life are not always the most important things. Simplicity and serenity are becoming close friends of mine. Positive friendships and people who deeply care for other people are becoming a rare commodity. As I shed the dead weight of the past and look forward I am learning to slow down more often, to take more mental breaks, and enter a pace of serenity.

The many tragedies I’ve seen and experienced these past few years and months have taught me that life can be taken away or changed in an instant. When that happens, all that is left is the depth of relational legacy that survives. Possessions and negativity no longer have value as they pale in context of what lasts forever.

Serenity is a great place to begin the journey of authenticity that transcends the now and propels us into the eternal. Serenity begins with an act of the will as we allow our powerful mind to take us away from the stress and strain into a moment of serenity.

I invite you to take a mental break; picture your best self in the most beautiful place on this planet and relax. Invite serenity to be your traveling companion and spend some time together on a regular basis. Keep remembering that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. John 14:27

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