Inner Beauty – 2

So how do you really get beautiful inside? There is nothing as putrid as meeting a very attractive person with a really negative or self-centered personality. The human brain has a way of associating attractive people with what would be considered nice behavior. Unfortunately it is not always so. The longer we live the more people we meet who are beautiful on the outside yet are not very nice people to hang out with.

When we meet someone for the first time, there is always something about them that attract us to get close to them in the first place. Unfortunately as we get to know someone who is not beautiful inside, we discover that it is easier to be away from them.

Generally speaking outer beauty doesn’t have too much to do with inner beauty. Like outer beauty, inner beauty can be inherited; yet it is typically more of a choice and hard work than outer beauty. Inner beauty is something you think about, plan, work on and something you chose as a way of being. Inner beauty is not easy to come by. Inner beauty demands consistency of choice, behavior and the constant pursuit for improvement. To grow inner beauty you must first realize your inner ugliness. You must be willing to a sk someone you trust about your inner self and then be willing to listen.

Being beautiful inside is the work of a lifetime. It’s like building a beautiful house that constantly needs improvement. The foundation of that house is self-love. The more you love yourself, the higher the possibility of having a great foundation for inner beauty. The more time you spend on the foundation for self-love the more solid your beautiful house will be. Life is difficult and we will meet people who will attack us and push us toward the ugly part of ourselves. If our foundation is solid we will not dwell in the dark halls of our negative memories and experiences. However, the weaker our foundation the more susceptible we will be to the negative winds of self depreciation and defensiveness.

Since building inner beauty is a slow process, you must be patient. Inner beauty can be like a roller coaster; but its instinctual projectile must be facing upward. So even when you are in a down slope you know you are still on your way up. Just think in terms of adding more concrete to your foundation.

When you are working on your inner beauty you must build positive associations by surrounding yourself with people who are consistently working on themselves. We don’t need prefect people, since they don’t exist. Yet we need encouragement and support just to remain faithful to our building program. Unfortunately those who don’t recognize their need for inner construction push away the very people who deeply care for them. There are great books available if you are willing to start on this building project.

No matter where you are in your journey, your inner self can use some improvement. Allow yourself to be open to the beauty that surrounds you. Allow God to shine his beauty in you as you reflect it on the outside.

God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart. Eccl 3:11

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