Inner Beauty

When you or I meet someone for the first time, one of the first things we notice beside their face is what young people refer to as their “swagger.” If I understand the modern term swagger correctly, it has to do with how a person shows up. It has to do with their level of confidence, arrogance or lack thereof.

We all have swagger; however the question is, does it really reflect who we are inside. We live on a planet where a lot of emphasis is placed on outer beauty. The make-up industry rakes in billions of dollars in selling products that they promise will make us more beautiful. Plastic surgeons are becoming more and more on demand as baby boomers fight the aging process and younger people nip and tuck what they are unhappy with.

Outer beauty is more accepted than inner beauty. I can still remember my high school days when nice young women who were not very attractive were called, ‘homely.’ When I was in college I distinctly remember that all the ‘attractive’ women had many suitors while the ‘homely’ ones struggled to get noticed. My guess is this is still a very common phenomenon all over this planet.

Most people we see on television broadcasts are attractive and thin. In societies everywhere on this planet, ’homely’ does not cut it. Yet studies have shown over and over again that attractive people do not necessarily have a higher self-image than those who are not so attractive. It’s a matter of fact that many attractive people have major issues with their self-image and constantly battle low self-esteem.

However inner beauty is a fortress. While outer beauty can either be received as a gift from the gene pool or can be bought; inner beauty is the work of a lifetime. While outer beauty is temporary and depreciates, inner beauty grows with time. While outer beauty can be a mask, inner beauty is forged through the inner sanctum of the soul where the reality of how amazing you really are is accepted. While most people are instantly attracted to outer beauty; they soon walk away or abuse it if there is nothing to back up that beautiful façade.

Inner beauty is strength. When you feel beautiful inside, nothing can stop you. When you are beautiful inside people want to be around you, a lot. When you are beautiful inside; doubts are replaced with faith. Discouragement is replaced with hope. Depression is replaced with action. Worry is replaced with confidence. Even other people you would judge as ugly are seen positively through the filters of your beautiful soul.

While outer beauty will fade and eventually die. Inner beauty will leave a legacy that transcends time. Inner beauty gives you swagger, a really cool one at that.

The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your Lord. Ps 45:11

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