Love Cup Anchors

Have you ever had a day or went through a time when you felt totally unloved? I know I have, even though I have a lot of people who genuinely love me. In this last segment of our Love Cup exploration I want to remind you to remain open to love. I know that sounds trite and cliché, but think about it for a moment.

There are more people who love you than you think. You cannot allow life’s depressing days to take that away from you. Now let’s be honest, there are some people who don’t like you, so what? Do they pay your bills? Do they feed you? Most likely they don’t. Even if they did, you are still the one who determines your destiny. You also have a love destiny that you must control. You cannot turn over your love destiny to someone else. Your love destiny is your responsibility and your anchor. If you don’t feel loved, it’s not about someone else, it’s all about you.

What do I mean by that? When a boat is moored an anchor is dropped in the water to keep the boat from drifting away. Your Love Cup is that anchor that keeps you steady and firm when life’s waves hit you and you just want to drift away in a sea of despair. Love holds you in one place. Typically, the bigger the ship the bigger the anchor. It is the same for your Love Cup. The more love you allow in your cup, the more stable you are and will be.

So you need to turn on your love awareness compass and learn to siphon ever drop of love that comes near your cup. At times it is easier to complain about life and people instead of just allowing love to fill your cup. That negative energy that you exude when you complain does not help your Love Cup, it drains it. When it comes to filling your Love Cup, you can become your worst enemy.

Whenever someone gives you a genuine smile, that’s love, take it and put it in Love Cup. When someone says a kind word to you, when someone sends you a nice e-mail out of the blue, when someone pays you a compliment, when someone is kind to you, when you are in the presence of a smiling baby; take these as love drops and put them in your Love Cup.

So many of us spent so much time and energy waiting for that big love that will take us over and sweep us off our feet while ignoring the mundane acts of love that’s all around us. Love is a process, love runs on a continuum, love comes in droplets like the rain and you can either allow it to fill your cup or let it waste. Make every drop of love part of the anchor that holds you together in one place in the good days and on the days that are not so good.

Your Love Cup is your anchor, allow it to be filled. Look around you and make it a point to find love everywhere, if you open your eyes and seek you will find it in the most unusual places. Anchor yourself in the idea that you are loved whether you see it or feel it. You are loved because so many people think you are special and yet they don’t know how to tell you. So you need to look for the subtle nuances of love and put them in your cup. Anchor yourself so when the winds of vicissitudes blow you’ll stand firm.

When you are at your weakest, know that God sends his love your way; ask him to open your eyes so you can see it. If you were not lovable you wouldn’t be alive because everything that God makes is very good. You are lovable because YOU are very good. Put that in your Love Cup and anchor yourself.

Flood waters can’t drown love, torrents of rain can’t put it out. Song 8:7

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