Love Cup Anchors

Have you ever had a day or went through a time when you felt totally unloved? I know I have, even though I have a lot of people who genuinely love me. In this last segment of our Love Cup exploration I want to remind you to remain open to love. I know that sounds […]

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Love Cup 3

So, did you make some time to play this past week? I know I did! Please remember that this series is about relationships. We are presently exploring a relationship with ourselves before we can be available to relate outside of ourselves. The idea of a filled Love Cup is quintessential to loving others and accepting […]

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Love Cup 2

The happiest people on this planet are those who accept the fact that they really are children in grown up bodies. We experience a lot of stress, depression and lack of enthusiasm because we take ourselves way too seriously. Do yourself a favor once in a while, go to a playground and watch children at […]

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