One of the most powerful principles that many of us do not practice is the principle of releasing our faith and our hopes so they can blossom. If you are reading this tidbit, you probably have some type of dream that you’ve cherished and nursed for many years. Unless you are a masochist, I know for a fact that staying in the vortex of pain and suffering is not one of them.

As I conclude this series on pain and suffering I want to make sure to remind you that there is another side of pain and suffering. It is the side of complete joy and fulfillment. We live in a world of contrasts. For everything that does not work, there is something that does work. For every negative emotion, there is positive one and so on and so forth. So we’ve analyzed pain and suffering for a few weeks and then we’ve looked at faith in that context. The last step in this process is to remember to release all the wonderful potential for joy and fulfillment that God has equipped us with.

When you were born you came out loaded and programmed for greatness. Think of the most expensive car you’ve ever seen or imagined and think of it loaded with every bells and whistles possible. That’s you! God matched you with your world, your circumstances and your environment to be an expert at something that only you can do. Do not allow the pain and suffering you are going through or the pain and suffering you’ve been through to steal your confidence. You are a deluxe package; it’s time to start acting like it.

You can choose to sit and whine and moan how life has been unfair or you can stand up and ask God to release your inner greatness in spite and because of all the pain and suffering you’ve endured. Everything you’ve been through will be used toward your greatness since God wastes nothing. Who you are today is unique and what you must do must be unique because you’ve been equipped for that. It’s time for you to release your inner greatness.

It does not matter where you are right now, your age does not matter. No excuse you can come up with will matter when you tap into who God made you to be. The greatest antidote to pain and suffering is to stand up where you are right now and look into yourself and do what you do best and ask God to release you to accept his gift of greatness. Just do one simple thing that you do well, prime the pump and wait for the deluge.

Pain and suffering can either stretch you or break you. If you are reading this, you are not broken. Now that you’ve been stretched, you can reach higher than you could have before the pain. It’s time for you to get out of the safe zone and get into the faith zone. It’s time for you to wipe the dust off, look into the closet of your mind and put on your best clothes, wear your brightest smile and say: Ok, greatness, bring it on!

The God who has asked you to leap will catch you, that’s what we call faith. When you leap, you are releasing your greatness into God’s hand and he’ll put His super with your natural and supernatural things will begin to happen in your life. It’s time to release you inner greatness.

This is the day to get your fire back. This is the day to take life on with a new perspective. This is the day to act as if you are the best thing that ever happened to planet earth. In God’s eyes, you are!

You made me only a little lower than God and crowned me with glory and honor. Ps 8:5

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